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WiseScoreTM is a tool, developed by WiseAdmit, that recommends the most suitable programs based on your interests and how likely your academic history will allow you to get accepted into those programs and universities.

Students can bypass time-consuming and stressful processes by getting their WiseScoreTM, and making informed decisions. WiseScoreTM is the first and only AI tool for studying in China.


  • Qualify to study at a top-ranked university.
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Thanks to WiseAdmit, you can now access some of the top-ranked post-secondary programs in the world.


What is WiseAdmit ?

WiseAdmit Technology, a global admission platform based in Canada, is ushering in a new era in the innovative method of studying abroad. We use AI-enabled matching technology to eliminate guesswork and wasted time and money from the admission process. By automating the workflow, we reduce processing time, allowing students and service providers to make informed decisions and receive faster service. We work on a global scale from China, Nepal, and Canada.

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How does WiseAdmit work?

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help students make informed decisions at each stage of their study abroad journey.


Get Your WiseScoreTM

Check your WiseScore™ by filling out a few details regarding your academic history and interests, and our AI recommends you to the best-fit programs and universities.


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Pick your top choices and start the application process. You only need to fill in one application form to apply to multiple universities!


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Simply prepare your documents, pay the application fees and submit! Within 7 days you will receive offers of admission and scholarships from the universities you applied to - GUARANTEED.


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Join our virtual pre-departure sessions to prepare yourself for a China study visa and get important information on what you need to do - both before and after arrival.

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What Our Students Say about Us

We have supported over 2000+ students to find their dream degree at the university of their choice.

meher tasnim testimonial

I found WiseAdmit on Facebook. With the help of WiseScore, I checked my eligibility and decided to apply to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. WiseAdmit helped me throughout the process. I loved how they instantly replied to my queries. They are very responsible with their students, and I guarantee you wont be disappointed if you work with them. They did all my processing without any charge. They have a good website for submitting documents. The team is always there to help. Even after admitting they are always there to listen and help. I highly recommend it. Lastly, thank you, WiseAdmit, for always supporting and helping me.

Meher Tasnim Student, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Nanjing, Jiangsu province
sambedhana kafle testimonial

I came to know about WiseAdmit through a mutual friend. As there were limited resources guiding me to study in China and apply for the scholarship, WiseAdmit and its WiseScore have been my savior. I am impressed by how easy WiseScore made my processing. I loved how the process was smooth and hassle-free. I must say that the team is very professional. They provided quick and understandable responses to every query I had. I can say that the team is Wise, as the name suggests. I suggest WiseAdmit to everyone who is planning to study in China.

Sambedhana Kafle Masters’ Program , Tsinghua University Beijing

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Frequently asked questions

For students to get admission, there are few essential things to keep in mind.The following documents are required:

  • Passport
  • PP- sized Photo
  • High School Transcript
  • High School Certificate
  • Non-Criminal Report
  • Medical Report
Cost varies according to the subjects and universities. Approximately, the tuition fee is usually less than $3500 per year in Top-Chinese Universities; which in comparison to USA, Australia, UK, is more than 10 times affordable. With WiseAdmit students can secure upto 100% scholarship in one of the partnered universities.
Chinese Government’s extensive investment in education has made China one of the Top-destination for international students. Many universities in China have a strong reputation for research and innovation, and offer quality programs in engineering, science, and technology. This means the quality of education is excellent as Chinese universities are increasingly getting top positions in global rankings.
Living Cost is extremely low in the case of international students in China. On-campus accommodation can cost around $700 for a whole year. Similarly, other cost of living including food, transportation, etc. can cost less than $1900 per year.
Studying in China is becoming a popular destination for international students. Besides cheap tuition fee and top-ranking universities; future opportunities is a major reason. Post graduation employment rate is more than 90 % in China for international students. Reason being many of the biggest companies of the world today are operating in China.
The most popular cities:

  • Nanjing
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Hohai
  • Shenzen
  • Zhejiang
  • Hangzhou
China is well known for being very safe for international students and tourists. To put things into perspective, Global Peace Index 2023 has ranked China 50 places higher than USA.
WiseAdmit can ensure exclusive support for international students before, during and after applying to study in China. Our representative can ensure airport pickups, on-campus accommodation(condition applied), partial scholarships, part-time jobs etc.
Job market for international students in China is extremely rewarding. Once you graduate, it will be obvious that you have come through a big challenge of studying in China, and will be highly demanded. For example, in one of our partnered universities, over 3000 companies like COMAC, Airbus, Apple, Huawei., etc. come every year to hire for jobs in university’s placement fair.
Students can choose between Chinese-taught as well as English-taught programs in China. You can apply for programs of your choice in English-taught module through our platform.

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