About Us


WiseAdmit is an all-in-one comprehensive service platform that assists international students to instantly match with the best-fit degree programs and scholarships offered by Chinese universities. We provide AI tools, networking, and advisory services for students who wish to undertake non-degree or degree-level education in some of China's world’s most advanced universities. Through our technology, we eliminate the guesswork, wasted time, and money for college selection and application.

Our founder Mr. Rupesh Regmi was as an international student in China and later served as an admission and marketing director for a renowned Chinese university, WiseAdmit is the culmination of the Chinese experience with state-of-the-art technology. Getting into some of China's elite colleges is challenging for students from all over the world, even if they are “ well-qualified.” In response to this problem, he founded WiseAdmit with the intention of connecting students from Asia, Africa, and South America with the scholarships and advanced degree programs available at top Chinese universities.

WiseAdmit was founded in 2021. Having experienced China and its higher education since 2006 our founder Mr.Rupesh Regmi (Peter, 鲁宾思) received a BSc Aerospace Engineering and MBA Corporate Management (both from China) , he served as the Director of International Marketing & Admission for Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (南京航空航天大学) where he directly assisted over 3,000 students from Asia, Africa, and South America to fulfill their dream of studying in China. WiseAdmit is breaking the cycle of poverty by educating one student at a time with the aim of empowering students worldwide to pursue quality affordable education.