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China to Fully Open for International Students 2023

  • "International Students: China to open its doors on January 8, 2023!"
  • Relief for international students.
  • Direct entry to university without any restrictions.
  • No more QR Codes.

"International Students: China to open its doors on January 8, 2023!"

Similar to several countries, China has also decided to live with the virus! Lifting all the covid travel restrictions and opening its borders for foreigners and international students’ arrival starting from January 8, 2023. 

Relief for International students. 

This decision is a significant relief for foreigners, particularly international students desiring to travel to China for higher education, as it reduces the expense of travel and quarantine hotel. Previously, international students had to pay as much as 600 Chinese yuan per day for quarantine hotels."

The quarantine's lifting also provides much-needed flexibility and freedom to people who have been unable to move freely for the past year.

Direct entry to university without any restrictions.

International students were required to quarantine in the city where they arrived, then travel to the city where their university is located and further quarantine at the hotel before being allowed to enter the campus, where they would be kept under observation for 7 days. Normally, students would have had to wait three weeks to enter the institution but now with such rules being lifted, it is expected that students will be able to enter the university immediately after arriving in China, with no restrictions or observations.

When the entry requirements for China are lifted next month on January 8th, 2023, travelers to China will still need a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours before departure, according to the health commission.

No more QR Codes

Now, people no longer need to scan into public venues with health codes, get regularly tested, or head off to a quarantine facility when they catch the virus. As China has lifted all the Covid-19 related restrictions, it is similar to the pre-pandemic era. No more lockdowns, no more quarantine rules, and no more PCR tests, now international students wanting to study in China or international students returning to China can be certain about what to expect! 

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